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Betty Freifall

„This moment when you look back on a long weekend and you just can’t stop smiling… just brilliant!!! So much fun!!!“

Martin Luckner

„Like always, I really enjoyed my time here with you. I would love for every dropzone to be this cool and professionell.“

Ina Hitzel

„Last saturday around 5:42pm I am sitting at the edge of a plane at 4.000m ready to jump out. The adrenaline is kicking in… and we are out. YEEEEAAAAHHHHH. What a feeling. Back on the ground I was totally wowed… thank you TAKE OFF Team for this awesome day with cool people in a relaxing atmosphere that made the experience possible, for me and for my husband who is sitting in a wheel chair.“  

Johannes Pappenberger

 „We have embraced our fear and are super stoked. The staff and the sports jumpers are all super friendly, trust worthy and always happy to answer any questions. Thanks a lot for the amazing experience  :)“

Grit Eff Steff

„What a thrilling adventure!!! Free falling and steering the parachute… just brilliant! I wanted to go again straight away!!! Big thanks for the amazing experience, especially to Sinan and Kurt!!! I will definitely be back!“

Katharina Richter

„Breathtaking experience, cool team, relaxed atmosphere… we definitely want to be back.“

Marc Modest

„Yesterday I jumped for the first time from 4000m… A special thanks to my tandem pilot andisch for this experience… he made it easy for me to enjoy my jump…!!! I felt safe and relaxed and was able to lean back and enjoy the jump…!! We will definitely meet again Andisch…!!!“

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Maren (Tandem skydiver)

Absolutely stunning and breath taking! I particularly enjoyed the free fall, I would happily fall twice as long. This was already my second skydive and I was even allowed to steer the parachute and make some turns and spins. I felt like in a merry-go-round. I had so much fun at TAKE OFF.

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Grit (Tandem skydiver)

Exciting and over far too quickly – just wicked. The best part was free fall and when the parachute opened. Steering the parachute into steep curves was awesome. I would definitely recommend TAKE OFF.  See you again in Fehrbellin, Regards, Grit  

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Max (Tandem skydiver)

Absolutely awesome and indescribable! The best part was flying through the clouds and steering the parachute all by myself. The moment when you fall out and forget the world is flabbergasting. I was able to just lean back and enjoy.    

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Thomas (Tandem skydiver)

Absolutely stunning! Ecstatic! Gorgeous! Awesome was the moment when we jumped out. Free falling from 4000m together with my tandem pilot was sensational. The whole experience was perfectly organized, the atmosphere very personal. The people here at TAKE OFF are super nice and we will definitely be back to jump again.  

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Sarah (Tandem skydiver)

Incredible! Unbelievable! Sensational! The best moment was gliding through the air under parachute. I was able to take off my goggles and feel the wind in my face.

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Gabriela (Tandem skydiver)

Absolutely wicked! My favorite part was flying under canopy and steering it myself. The view was breathtaking. My next skydive will be with TAKE OFF Fehrbellin again.    

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Rashi Pacheriwala (Tandem skydiver)

Amazing and a very good experience! Of all the things during the skydive the moment we went over the edge into freefall was the best. The freefall and the feeling to be free was the best part of the jump at Take OFF Fallschirmsport in Fehrbellin.

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Waltraud (Tandem skydiver)

It was unbelievably stunning! Everybody has to jump at least once. It felt like time was standing still and it was marvelous. It was so beautiful to fly through the clouds under canopy.  

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Florian (Tandem skydiver)

Amazing, I want to do that again! Even the plane ride up was already exciting and I was getting more and more nervous until we jumped out. That was awesome! The moment when you sit in the door and are about to fall out… crazy. I was also able to steer the parachute myself, fly through the clouds and look at everything from above.  

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Erik (Tandem skydiver)

Highly recommendable, breath taking, something special! I totally enjoyed the whole experience, starting with the check in, the briefing, the airplane ride and of course the jump itself. The TAKE OFF Team really got us into the mood for jumping, and took away any doubts or tensions from everybody in my group. Very professional! I loved the moment when we jumped out of the plane. And steering the parachute myself felt like taking control of time.  

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N.N. (Tandem skydiver)

Super cool experience! The moment when we exited the aircraft into free fall and this feeling of ultimate freedom was amazing! Thank you TAKE OFF!  

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Kathrin (Tandem skydiver)

Let’s do that again! I liked the most the view under canopy and steering the parachut myself. The very professional TAKE OFF Team took good care of me. I felt safe the whole time. My tandem skydive in Fehrbellin was just fun!  

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Testing experiences for her blog www.lebegeil.de

"Totally unique experience. My friends called me crazy but I loved falling from 4.000m. Best experience ever!"



Testing experiences for his blog www.strongg.com

"I have asked myself my whole life how does it feel to jump from a plane. 2016 I finally wanted to experience it. I jumped, was amazed and realized I wanted to do it myself. I have 8 jumps now and I am working on my license!!"

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