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ecological - fair - sustainable

As a sports and leisure facility, we provide our guests and customers above all with experience values and thus with a positive attitude to life, which is becoming increasingly important in today's world.

Of course, a life with technology also inevitably has an impact on the environment. Everyone at TAKE OFF Skydiving is aware of this fact. And everyone here at TAKE OFF Skydiving is asked to also take personal responsibility for keeping the carbon footprint as small as possible. We do quite a lot for this - and even some beyond.


For us NOT the right way: Buying free by foreign certificate!

The simplest solution and the path most companies take is to offset their own emissions by buying climate certificates somewhere in the world. This is a first approach and certainly better than doing nothing. But for two reasons in particular, we at TAKE OFF Skydiving have decided against it:

1. the purchase of climate certificates shifts responsibility to others who create such offsets, rather than leaving it with those who cause the emissions.

2. the offset takes place somewhere in the world and does not benefit the people who live here and are directly affected by the emissions here on site.

The TAKE OFF way:

We take responsibility on site and do more than required by law!

TAKE OFF Skydiving implements the topic of sustainability here on site at the local and regional level, especially by dealing responsibly with climate and environmental issues. Our efforts are real and have nothing to do with "greenwashing" or "climate trading". Our CO² compensation takes place directly at the airfield in Fehrbellin!

Our claim is to be authentic, comprehensible and measurable - for each of our athletes and visitors here on site.




We are climate-conscious with regard to our own emissions.

Emissions are offset on site by:

Airfield-owned tree and meadow stands

(approx. 8 ha of forest and 22 ha of meadow)

We produce fresh air to breathe around the clock

Ecologically generated electricity

via our own, large-scale photovoltaic roof system (200 m²)

Long-term protection of plant populations

in the airfield forest through parallel bee management

Result: Over 200 t CO² neutralization per year directly on site PLUS more than 150 t fresh air to breathe!

We act socially and sustainably.

We create and maintain jobs with a sustainable impact:

Our parachute rigging loft

  • creates socially secure employment for employees over many years
  • ensures work processes according to German guidelines
  • provides maintenance and repairs for the long-lasting value of parachute systems and conserves scarce resources

Our sportswear manufacture provides, among other things, for the production of jumpsuits and

  • creates socially secure jobs in the tailoring trade and long-term employment of employees from the immediate environment
  • guarantees manufacturing processes according to German guidelines
  • ensures quality management according to German guidelines, also in terms of environmental protection

Result: More employment in the region, lower resource consumption due to longevity, more sustainable production according to ecological and social standards in Germany (instead of production under questionable conditions in low-wage countries)!

We are committed here on site.

For a successful cooperation...

... we support local projects and initiatives e.g. community actions, child protection actions and many more.

... we promote inclusion and offer tandem jumps for handicapped people. For this purpose, we have specially developed a tandem handicap system in our rigging loft.

... we are involved in the club work of the local TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport Fehrbellin e.V. and support regional sports and leisure events, e.g. competitions, jumpers' meetings.

... we support the "one jump one tree" initiative of the VISIONAIRi Coaching Camps to promote climate protection.

Result: More attractive living environment for many locals and their guests!

Natural forest - for functioning ecosystems

Aircraft with the lowest load values in its class - reduced emissions & with noise certificate

Our parachutes - designed for 1000 times reuse

Self-generated green electricity - with 200 sqm photovoltaic roof system

Parallel bee management in the airfield forest - to ensure long-term plant populations

Huge flowering meadows to ensure biodiversity

A maximum of planted area and a minimum of sealed area


Environmental awareness, sustainability and fairness are important topics for us not only since today, but already since our foundation!

Climate protection is the No. 1 issue for securing the future of us all. That is why we are making our contribution towards climate issues right from the start.


We are continuously reducing our carbon footprint and are currently more than offsetting it, for example by supporting other projects such as reforestation campaigns or the preservation of flowering meadows.

As a result, we "dispose" of more CO² than we may produce ourselves!

Therefore, it would certainly be more accurate to call us climate-friendly instead of "only" climate-conscious.

Promoting the climate locally - we are part of it.

TAKE OFF Skydiving & funjump.de in Fehrbellin - Your NatureAIRexperience

We are happy to serve as a scenic recreation area and as an excursion destination with "NaturAIRlebnis". And with everything we do, we create a framework for you so that you can fulfill your dream of skydiving with a clear conscience.

We are looking forward to your visit here with us in the countryside.

Your TAKE OFF Skydiving & funjump.de Team

Your tandem jump with TAKE OFF

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