Tandem jumping in Berlin

With us you can realize your dream of skydiving! Together with professional tandem pilots, you jump out of the plane at 4000m altitude; and experience the rush of freefall!

Give a very special person a special present or enjoy it yourself: the feeling of boundless freedom. Benefit from our Group Price Special and book a tandem jump from 4,000 meters for only EUR 189 now (price per person; when booking for min. 4 persons from Tuesday to Friday or same offer EUR 199 on weekends).

Tandem jumping

Tandem jumping

Jump from 4000m altitude and experience the rush



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The way to us

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Your tandem jump at TAKE OFF near Berlin

Our location

The airfield Ruppiner Land in Fehrbellin is our home. Our skydiving world is only about 30 minutes from Berlin. With us, beginners and professionals alike can experience the rush of the skydiving. With our reliable aircraft, which we call “FUMP”, we take you up into the air. You can also find our sewing workshop for skydiving gear and our workshop for parachute repair on location. In the “airbase” bistro, guests can enjoy refreshment and delicious snacks. Hamburgers for everyone!

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Our experience


Number of Jumps

Our tandem pilots have completed between 3,000 and 12,000 jumps.


Happy tandem customers

We were able to make over 42,000 customers happy with a tandem jump.


Years of experience

Skydiving has been our passion for 25 years.

Your Skydiving experience

(Almost) anyone can skydive

You do not need any prior knowledge of tandem jumping. You should not exceed a certain weight (95kg) or height (1.95m), otherwise its gets tricky for our tandem pilot. Children over 12 years old, with a minimum height of 1,40m, are allowed to skydive with their parents’ consent.

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Book an appointment or a voucher

You can also book your jump with an appointment via our website – and then look forward to an unforgettable experience. Or how about gifting a voucher? You can print out our vouchers right away, and give them as a present.


What you should bring with you on the day

We provide you with skydiving equipment such as overalls, hoods and skydiving-googles. Otherwise, we recommend casual, comfortable clothes and lace-up shoes.


Spectators are welcome

You can of course bring friends and family along – even a dog or cat – if you need them as support. Spectators are very welcome, and can watch your landing from our bistro while eating a delicious homemade burger.

On the day of the jump

Before the jump you are asked to call us again, to check if the weather is suitable for skydiving. Should the weather put a dampener on the day’s plans, we will, of course, find a replacement date.


All formalities will be taken care of on site, in our registration the “Manifest”, before you are taken into the care of your tandem pilot. He will then show you everything you need to know about the tandem jump. He always has an open ear for all of your questions so feel free to ask them all!


Orientation and gearing up on the ground takes about 30 minutes. You then accompany the other skydivers to our FUMP aircraft. It takes about 20 minutes for you to reach 4,000 m altitude and make the jump.


Now for the jump itself! You and your tandem pilot approach the door opening and off you go -freefalling for about 50 seconds.
And before you know it, your tandem pilot opens the parachute and you can enjoy the relaxed flight for a few minutes, gliding with a fantastic view over Brandenburg.

Tandem jumping at TAKE OFF near Berlin

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