With daily dedication and passion to the top 3 skydiving companies in Germany

TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport is 🙂

The company behind it (TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH) was founded in 1995 out of a passion for skydiving.

And this passion still drives us today. Skydiving is our life and we want to pass on our fascination for this great sport to all those who love freedom, seek adventure, experience intense feelings and want to be part of a great community.

That is why it motivates us every day to create the best conditions for all skydivers and those who want to become skydivers, as well as for all our tandem guests, so that everyone can experience and realize themselves to the maximum together with us.

You can expect a modern skydiving center with reception building, training rooms, modern sanitary facilities, bistro, campsite, hangar, own aircraft, parachute workshop and skydiving clothing factory, in the middle of 22 hectares of meadows and 8 hectares of forest - instead of just a shack next to a take-off and landing field.

Thanks to this commitment, TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport has not only become one of the top 3 skydiving companies, but also one of the most beautiful drop zones in Germany, as our guests confirm time and time again!

Top 3 in Germany

With up to 20,000 jumps per year, approx. 3,000 tandem jumps and approx. 100 course participants for first-time jumpers, TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport is one of the TOP 3 skydiving companies. We are also a specialist parachuting company, a member of the DFV (German Parachuting Association) and are constantly developing the training guidelines within the sports association.

Inter-/nationale Reputation

Our partners, instructors and tandem pilots usually have from 2,000 to over 10,000 jumps and therefore a great deal of jumping experience. Some of them are regular participants in international competitions and world record jumps. They therefore enjoy an extremely good reputation, also as experts within the sport of skydiving.

6 days a week

You can jump with us at least 6 days a week during the season, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Support your locals

We employ people of all ages from the region, for the region and its guests.

Specialist parachute company

TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport has two full-time parachute technicians and is also the largest maintenance company for parachutes in the Berlin/Brandenburg area.

Our partner



The all-round feel-good drop zone for skydivers

Skydivers are a close-knit community. Many shared experiences such as jumps, competitions, safety instructions, further training, seminars and time together on the jump site and in the airplane simply weld us together and create the trust that is the basis for practising this sport.

We keep asking ourselves: What do you want as a sport jumper, what do you wish for, what do you need to do your sport exactly as you imagine it?

You can find the answers here: Perfect infrastructure, optimal support from STAFF and other sport jumpers, intensive training and further education, the best training and competition conditions and the corresponding know-how.

We at TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport provide the perfect setting and ensure that our drop zone becomes your 2nd home. And the best thing is: In our skydiving club you will find experts, trainers and coaches for all your needs to help you progress.

Socializing, parties and celebrations are of course not to be missed out.

Become part of the Funjump community. We look forward to seeing you and say:

Welcome to one of the most beautiful dropzones in Germany.

What is important to us

Genuine togetherness
+ friendship in action
+ mutual support
+ having fun together

Joint training sessions

e.g. safety training,
individual training,
group training

Various disciplines

formation jumping,
free flying,
canopy piloting,
Wingsuit flying,

and much more.

International/national competitions

e.g. 8er Speed,
16er Competition,
4er Scamble

Intensive training & further education

e.g. coaching to improve your skills

Joint celebrations

e.g. at our legendary SkyParty or our traditional end-of-season party

Skydiving School

Our claim: The best skydiving training in the industry

Quite a few people who have started with a tandem jump want to experience this indescribable experience again and again. There are only two ways to do this: either complete lots of tandem jumps or become a sport jumper yourself!

If you also want to learn skydiving from scratch, the TAKE OFF skydiving school is certainly one of the best addresses for you if the following points are important to you:

Professional skydiving school

You want to be trained in a professional skydiving school with full-time skydiving instructors, state-of-the-art parachutes and training facilities, a huge landing area and a top aircraft.

Learning from the best

You are happy to put your trust in the best coaches in the industry, who have each completed several thousand jumps, many of whom are record holders (national, international) and who all have one thing in common: Their love and passion for skydiving and for passing on their expertise to you.

Start when it suits you

You want to start at a time that suits your schedule. That's why you can start your course almost any week between April and October (Fri, 2 p.m. to Sun, 7 p.m. or Mon, 9 a.m. to Wed, 7 p.m.). After the three-day start, you can continue your course on any opening day (Tue-Sun).

Support, even after the introductory course

Our regular courses and training sessions will pick you up where you are and take you to the level you want to reach.

Expertise in demand

Our expertise is also in demand at association level, e.g. for improving training methods and procedures. We also train many instructors and tandem pilots for other skydiving schools.

Environment & Climate

Ecological, sustainable & fair: Giving back as much as possible more than we consume

As a sports and leisure facility, we primarily provide our guests and customers with experiences and thus a positive attitude to life, which is becoming increasingly important in today's world.

Of course, a life with technology inevitably has an impact on the environment. Everyone at TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport is aware of this fact. For us, taking RESPONSIBILITY means providing ANSWERS and offsetting almost all emissions, not somewhere else in the world, but right here at the Fehrbellin airfield.


Use green electricity and produce it yourself

We use 100% green electricity and produce most of it ourselves with our own photovoltaic system.

Producing hot water in an ecological way

We generate most of the hot water we need with our own solar thermal system.

Generate fresh air every day

With our airfield's own green spaces (8 hectares of forest + 22 hectares of meadows), we produce plenty of fresh air every day.

Doing more than expected

We offset over 250 tons of CO2 annually with our green landscape at the airfield and our measures here on site. That's good for us, good for our neighbors, good for our environment.

Promote initiatives that are good for the climate

Did you know that ...

... we deliberately do NOT buy CO2 certificates?

As current studies show, most of them are anything but sustainable, serve more as greenwashing and do nothing at all for the people where the CO2 emissions occur.


Here, where we live, we are committed to a better society

We at / TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport are aware of our social responsibility. Local commitment is particularly important in structurally weak regions such as rural areas in Brandenburg. And where there are only a few people, every commitment counts double.

Deshalb fokussieren wir uns ganz bewusst auf Fehrbellin und Umgebung und sorgen mit dafür, dass unsere schöne Heimat für Einheimische lebens- und liebenswert bleibt und viele Gäste anzieht.

Jobs for the region

Our jobs help to ensure that many families stay here in the region, earn a living and can offer their families a perspective.

Our heartfelt concern: Inclusion

We are committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can also experience the fascination of skydiving. That's why we not only offer handicapped tandem jumps, but also training to become a para-skydiver. In addition, we have developed our own tandem handicap system in our parachute workshop, specially trained tandem pilots and invested in additional infrastructure such as accessibility or even a boarding lift.

Support clubs & events

We are involved in the work of the local association TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport Fehrbellin e.V. and support regional sports and leisure events, e.g. competitions, skydiving meetings.

Promoting local commitment

We are happy to support local child protection projects, community campaigns and help people with fundraising activities.

Funsport - where skydiving has a home

A tandem jump is great fun and is at the top of almost every adventurous person's list of things they would like to experience in their life.

And almost everyone who not only dreams about it, but makes their dream come true, still raves about the experience years later. "Absolutely amazing", "Absolutely awesome" or "I'd love to do it again" is what most people say immediately after the jump when asked how their skydiving experience was.

Honestly - is there a more fitting name for this than

To make the whole tandem jump day a real experience, we have not only created the ideal conditions for jumping, but also the perfect ambience all around - for the tandem jumper(s), but also for all their companions, whether partners, friends, family or colleagues.

Many sport jumpers say that funjump is one of the most beautiful jump sites in Germany ... and they should know.

You are cordially invited to form your own opinion. We look forward to your visit, here in Fehrbellin - at

The focus is on fun

You should have fun - and your tandem jump should be one of the best experiences of your life. Everything we do is geared towards this, from your arrival to the jump briefing, the flight to altitude, the free fall, the canopy ride and landing, right through to the presentation of your certificate, photos and videos, right after curiosity and tension have given way to pure joy.

Up close and personal

Our jump site resembles a green oasis and everything can be experienced up close - for you as a tandem jumper and for all guests. There are extremely short distances here and the bistro/restaurant including open-air terrace is located directly between the parachutists' take-off and landing sites.

Friendly and courteous team

Tandem jumpers and guests often emphasize how comfortable they felt with us and how friendly our team looked after them. Tandem jumpers often mention that they felt they were in safe hands and in very good hands with their tandem pilot.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, suggestions, tips or would like to find out more about skydiving or, please contact us: 0049 33932-72238 or [email protected].