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TAKE OFF is a professional skydiving school with full-time tandem pilots, skydiving instructors and parachute technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and certainly one of the best infrastructures in Germany as far as drop zones go.
TAKE OFF is all about the free fall. As the only skydiving sports center in Germany, TAKE OFF offers all areas of skydiving sports. These include tandem jumps, skydiving courses, sports jumping, parachute trade and maintenance, as well as the manufacture of parachute sportswear (using rainbow design).


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Skydiving – Our passion for 25 years

With up to 20,000 jumps every year, TAKE OFF is one of the five largest skydiving sports companies in Germany. This includes about 3,000 tandem jumps a year and about 150 course participants for first-time skydivers.


Our partners, instructors and tandem pilots have very high jump rates with usually 2,000 to over 10,000 jumps under their belt. Some of these are regular participants in international world records in the formation and canopy formation jumps. They therefore enjoy a very good reputation as experts within skydiving sports.


As an aeronautical company in the airsports equipment sector, TAKE OFF has two Class 5 inspectors and is the largest maintenance operation in the Berlin / Brandenburg area.

Our offer

Skydiving for beginners and pros alike


Our offer in the field of skydiving is aimed at free time and sports skydivers. As a skydiving sports center, we employ a number of experienced tandem pilots and skydiving sportsmen and offer the following services:


  • Tandem jumps
  • Skydiving training courses for beginners
  • Training of future skydiving trainers and tandem pilots
  • Training and coaching for skydiving licenses
  • Skydiving competitions
  • Group parties
  • Team events
More about tandem skydiving

Workshop, sewing room and professional equipment


In addition to its daily parachute skydiving operation, TAKE OFF also offers additional services in the field of skydiving sports equipment and maintenance.


  • Maintenance and repair of skydiving systems (rigging) in our own workshop
  • Production of skydiving clothing in our own sewing room (rainbowsuits.com)
  • Sale of skydiving accessories in our Online Shop & on location

TAKE OFF – A history of the company

An overview of our company history



Founding of TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport as a sole proprietorship

713 jumps in the first year



Chartering of the new aircraft “Pilatus Porter” for up to 10 skydiver



Founding of TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH

Purchase rainbow Design: a producer of skydiving clothing



Approval as a “Fallschirmtechnischer Betrieb” (skydiving operation)



Purchase of our first own plane – the Cessna Grand Caravan C 208B (nickname “FUMP“)

Purchase of the airline Air Lift GmbH



Outsourcing of rainbow Design as an independent incorporated company



New construction of buildings and creation of a completely new infrastructure with guest area, administration, sanitary facilities, workshops, hangar and a campsite



New turbines for our FUMP with a powerful 900 HP



Strong development: TAKE OFF now achieves almost 20,000 jumps per year



Expansion of the workshop area
Construction of a new tandem center
Acquisition of the “airbase” bistro

Founding 1992

TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport was founded in 1992 as a sole proprietorship and consisted of 1 full-time teacher (the owner), 1-2 freelancers, approx. 5 parachutes, a caravan and, in the absence of an existing telephone line -a 3kg heavy “mobile” C network telephone – and so it began.
The airfield consisted, at that time, of a narrow short runway made of concrete slabs, and two construction trailers – the left one served as flight school and the tower – the right one as the skydiving school. Jumps took place true to the original style from an old AN2 – the world’s largest double decker, with a huge 9-cylinder star motor, 1,000 HP and 30 liters’ cylinder capacity. We needed a good half an hour to reach 2,500 meters and would make a racket that could be felt as far as the nearest border. We achieved a total of 713 jumps in the first year. Today, this is often the number for a single week.


Expansion of infrastructure and an increase in the number of jumps

The next important step was the charter of a Pilatus Porter, a modern turboprop engine for up to 10 skydivers. Now we could finally reach in the world-wide sports jumping height of 4,000 meters 18 minutes. In addition, on the airfield, a container system for school offices, a tower, gastronomy and, instead of a green plastic unit on the roadside, now proper toilets and showers were built – a previously unknown luxury. The jump figures also rose promptly from 713 in the first year to 6,200 in the second and 9,300 in the third.


The founding of TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH in 1995

In the winter of 94/95, the owner Ralf Heine and the three previous employees Maggy Nagel, Jürgen Mühling and Uwe Reichert joined together to form TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH (Inc). At the same time the manufacturing company rainbow Design, specializing in the skydiving sports sector, was acquired at the beginning of 1995 by the incorporated company and relocated from West Germany to another container plant at the Fehrbellin airfield.


Approval as a “Fallschirmtechnischer Betrieb” (FTB)

After the approval as a skydiving operation at the beginning of 1996, two skydiving technicians / inspectors class 5 were hired and trained.

From 1992 to the end of 1998, aircraft of other owners were chartered to carry out jumping operations. At the beginning of 1999, the company finally invested in its own modern turbo-prop aircraft for 18 passengers (Cessna Grand Caravan C 208B / 1.2 million EUR / license plate D-FUMP). The small airline Air Lift GmbH was acquired in this context for the operation of the aircraft.


We’re bursting at the seams

The container house was then only intended as a temporary solution. But as is so often the case with makeshift solutions, TAKE OFF continued to grow, and the number of guests on the airfield also steadily increased. The rainbow design manufacturing company also ran well and already moved to the Fehrbellin business area so that things would run more smoothly. Slowly, the veritable hut threatened to collapse in on our heads in the truest sense. Certainly there was blame enough to be shard for this. The increasingly less discreet evidence from the building authorities also made it clear: it was really time for a new building!

More space and a new building

The airfield itself was no longer able to cope with the clearly growing flight operation, with more than 11,000 landings, with its makeshift runway, which was only intended for agricultural flights. And so it was time to break out the DIY gear, and finally make a clean commercial airstrip, with beautiful infrastructure for the business and sports flying company. Part of the airfield concept was to sell sections of land to interested companies, so that they could build their own buildings there.
After the complete reconstruction of the airfield and the demolition of the old buildings, TAKE OFF invested in its own new infrastructure in 2005. On the 10,000 m² of land purchased from the airfield, we built: a company building for the guests to stay, administration, workshops and sanitary facilities (541 m²), a hangar for training purposes, the packing of parachutes and the sheltering of our aircraft (467 m²), as well as a campsite with 36 parking spaces. Approximately EUR 950,000 was invested.


Outsourcing of rainbow Design GmbH

In 2004, the production of special clothing was split from TAKE OFF skydiving sports, and consolidated as an independent incorporated company in rainbow Design.


  • With over approx. 20,000 jumps annually, TAKE OFF is one of the five largest skydiving companies in Germany. This comprises approx. 3,000 jumps annually and approx. 150 course participants for first time skydivers.
  • The production company, purchased in 1995, is one of the largest Germany-based providers of specialized designs for skydiving sports, receiving civil as well as military orders.
  • Associates, instructors and tandem pilots have a very high number of jumps: typically, 2,000 to over 9,000 jumps. Some of them are regular participants in international world records in the formation and canopy formation leagues. They are therefore acknowledged within the skydiving sports community.
  • Co-owner and head of training Jürgen Mühling is a member of the DFV working group. Under his leadership, the German training guidelines were completely revised in 1999/2000 and a new training manual was issued.
  • As an aeronautics company in the area of air sports equipment, TAKE OFF has two Class 5 inspectors and is the largest maintenance company in the Berlin / Brandenburg area.


New turbines for our aircraft FUMP

In 2012, our aircraft received a new turbine – from Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A (675HP). We since upgraded to a Honeywell TPE 331-12JR (900HP), also known as the Supervan 900.


New tandem center in 2016 & Acquisition of the “airbase” bistro

In 2016 we were expanding! We built a tandem center to have more space for our tandem guests. We also bought the bistro “airbase” and can offer now food and drinks to our guests.


The registered society: TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport Fehrbellin e.V.

We also exist as a registered society. Our licensed skydivers love and live a lively life within the society that includes competitions and, of course, the one or the other party. More about the TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport e.V.

TAKE OFF partners

rainbow Design


With the company rainbow Design, TAKE OFF has Germany’s largest manufacturer of special clothing for skydiving, such as parachute jump- or wingsuits. The clothing manufacturer, acquired by TAKE OFF in 1995, is the largest supplier of clothing for skydiving sports with orders from the civilian and military sectors.

Air Lift GmbH


The Air Lift GmbH, also part of TAKE OFF, is the operating company of the in-house aircraft – the 18-seater Cessna Grand Caravan D-FUMP. The small company was acquired by TAKE OFF in 1999 to ensure the professional flight operation for its skydiving sports.

The airfield: Ruppiner Land GmbH



The head office of TAKE OFF is located on a small sports airfield in Fehrbellin in the Ruppiner Land. Since 2002, the area has been expanded bit by bit, with an asphalted runway, a tower, various aircraft hangars, a catering facility, a flight and skydiving school and a manufacturing operation.

The “airbase“ bistro



At TAKE OFF, the guests’ physical well-being is ensured. Tasty home-made fried potatoes, burgers or home-baked cakes await the skydiving guests and spectators.

Our Team

Strong team


A jumping field can be a beautiful sight – but without a strong team, it’s nothing. It may sound a little unbelievable, but to maintain our drop zone over the year, in terms of all its offers and necessities, requires a team of almost 60 people.
This ranges from full-time employees with over 15 years of company membership, seasonally full-time teachers and tandem pilots to self-employed skydivers.

Areas of responsibility: an overview


AFF-instructor – additional authorization for the training of skydivers using the AFF method

FAA-senior-rigger – has the license for repair and maintenance of skydiving systems under US law

Parachute technician – has the license for repair and maintenance of skydiving systems

Parachute maintenance – has the right to pack reserve parachutes and perform minor repairs

Conventional instructor – has the license to train skydivers using the conventional method

Tandem examiner – license for the training of tandem pilots

Margrit Nagel

Commercial management, shareholder

Margrit – nickname “Maggy” – is the perfect contact for all guests in our head office, the “Manifest”.


  • Over 1.500 Sprünge
  • Co-owner at TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH
  • Co-owner at Rainbow Design GmbH

Ralf Heine

CEO, shareholder

Ralf ist erfahrener Fallschirmspringer und langjähriger Pilot. Er hat immer ein Ziel vor Augen: eines der besten Fallschirmcenter in Deutschland zu sein. Er ist Mitinhaber von TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport und rainbow Design. Außerdem begleitet er das bei Berlin entstehende Windkanal-Projekt Hurricane Factory.


  • Over 5,500 jumps
  • Managing director and co-owner of TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH
  • Co-owner at Rainbow Design GmbH

Jürgen Mühling

CEO, shareholder, training manager

The training of parachute athletes is his territory. Jürgen Mühling – nickname “Mahle” – is a member of the “training” working group at the DFV, and has completely revised the training guidelines here.


  • Over 11,800 jumps
  • Co-owner TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH
  • Co-owner Rainbow Design GmbH
  • Tandem pilot & Tandem examiner
  • AFF-instructor

Uwe Reichert

CEO Rainbow Design, shareholder

Uwe is co-owner at TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH (Inc) and rainbow Design GmbH (Inc). You can address questions about the skydiving clothing of rainbow design to Uwe.


  • Over 9,000 jumps
  • Tandem pilot
  • AFF-Instructor
  • Parachute technician
  • FAA-Senior-Rigger
  • Career pilot


Mail: info@rainbowsuits.com

Vit Zurek

Rigging, selling parachute equipment

Vit largely takes care of the parachute trade and the regular maintenance of the materials.


  • Over 5,100 jumps
  • Tandem pilot
  • AFF-Instructor
  • Parachute technician


Phone: +49(0)33932-72462

Mail: vit@funjump.de

Olaf Haubenreißer

Rigging, selling parachute equipment

Olaf – nickname “Flirre” – is a passionate instructor, that is, he teaches others to skydive. He also deals with proper parachute maintenance.


  • Over 7,500 jumps
  • Tandem pilot
  • AFF-Instructor
  • Parchute technician
  • Paraglider


Phone: +49(0)33932 – 72462

Mail: flirre@funjump.de

Ingo Prochaska

Tandem pilot, trainer

Ingo trains skydivers using the conventional methods and also records videos of jumps.


  • Over 4,500 jumps Sprünge
  • Tandem pilot
  • Conventional instructor
  • Videoman

Lutz Birnbach

Tandem pilot, trainer

Lutz – nickname “Luschi” – is an instructor for the AFF teaching method and a sky surfer. He skydives, but still straps a board under his feet with which he “surfs” during the free fall.


  • Over 6,000 jumps
  • Tandem pilot
  • AFF-Instructor
  • Videoman
  • Parachute maintenance
  • Sky surfer

Daniel Ramsbott

Tandem pilot, trainer

Daniel – nickname “Danny” – as an AFF Instructor, teaches others skydiving. In addition, as a member of the board of examiners, he has the right test the license of skydivers.


  • Over 10,500 jumps
  • Tandem pilot
  • AFF-Instructor
  • Videoman, Freestyler, Canopy Piloting
  • On the board of examiners
  • Parachute maintenance

Rade Jungic

Tandem pilot, trainer, parachute technician

Rade teaches others to skydive. As parachute maintenance personnel, he has the right to pack spare parachute and carry out small repairs at TAKE OFF.


  • Over 3,200 jumps
  • Tandem pilot
  • Instructor
  • Videoman
  • Parachute maintenance

John Georgi

Tandem pilot, Chief-Instructor

John nickname “Johnboy” – is an AFF instructor, that is, he teaches parachute jumping according to the AFF method. He is also Tandempilot and one of our video men.


  • Over 4,000 jumps
  • Tandem pilot
  • AFF-Instructor
  • Videoman
  • Canopy-Piloting
  • Freeflying

Rolf Brombach

Wingsuit specialist, trainer

Rolf is a specialist in Wingsuit flying and gives his students an understanding of this sport. He is the DFV-certified and qualified Wingsuit Instructor and is allowed to teach other skydivers how to fly with a Bird suit.


  • Over 14,500 jumps – incl. 2,500 Wingsuit jumps
  • Instructor
  • BIRDMAN-Instructor
  • AFF-Instructor

Sebastian Wulsch

FreeFly Coach, Videoman

Sebastian – nickname “Basti” – is the man for beautiful and moving skydiving pictures. He is also a FreeFly Coach.


  • Over 950 jumps
  • 20 Tunnel hours
  • FreeFly Coach
  • Videoman
  • Vice president of TOF e.V

Kurt Langheinrich

Trainer, Videoman

Kurt is an avid skydiver and shoots action videos with breathtaking glimpses of skydiving sports.


  • Over 3,700 jumps
  • Videoman
  • AFF-Instructor
  • Canopy Piloting

Marcel v. d. Vechte

Career pilot, flight supervision

Marcel is the pilot of our beloved aircraft “FUMP”. Since 1985 he has been flying aircraft such as Cessna Grand Caravan, Piper Malibu and other smaller sports aircraft.


  • Over 9,200 jumps
  • Career pilot
  • Aeronautical supervision of airfield Ruppiner Land


Mail: marcel.vechte@flugplatz-ruppiner-land.de

Alena Dürschmidt

Reception, Organization

Alena works here at the heart of TAKE OFF – in our reception, the “Manifest”. She takes your telephone bookings and process the online bookings. In addition, she is a master of organization when it comes to the daily skydiving business.

Diana Mahnke

Reception, Organisation

Diana is also a Manifest employee and supports us in processing orders and in the organization of the daily skydiving business. She herself has already completed 60 skydives.


Reception, Organisation

Kati is a master of bookings and the organization of the daily skydiving business.  The main focus here is the Manifest – our reception. She has completed 7 tandem jumps, but there are surely a few more to come yet.



Cristina ensures the correct packing of the parachute backpacks.


Mouse Population Controller

Our kitty Diego likes to greet our skydiving guests with a purr and loves to be pet. If he’s not busy relaxing on the sofa in the Manifest, he’s mouse hunting in the surrounding fields. So far, we’ve been unable to convince him to skydive.

Any questions? Send us a message!