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Now it is your turn!

Feel alive

Join us for the thrill of your life time and let us make your adventure extraordinary. Located just about 30 minutes outside Berlin we are one of the largest dropzones in the country and have been taking people up into the skies for 25 years. Tandem skydiving is the easiest and safest way to experience free fall for the first time. Our competent tandem pilots equipped with state of the art tandem skydiving systems make it possible.


Enjoy the ultimate freedom and escape from your everyday life all the way up to 2.500 or 4.000 meters. Bring your friends along to support you or, even better, share the adventure with you so can create unforgettable memories together. If your friends and family are not up for jumping they can cheer you on from the terrace of our bistro with front row viewing seats while enjoying drinks and tasty food.

Relive the moment


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Your skydive: what to expect

Reserve around 3 hours

Pre-jump briefing, gearing up, the ride to altitude and the jump altogether take about 1 hour. Please allow a total of about three hours for the whole experience in case of weather delays.

Give us a call before your jump

On the day of your jump, approximately two hours prior your appointment, please give us a quick call so we can update you on the current weather situation.


Comprehensive briefing

After completing the necessary paper work you will receive a jump suit, a frap hat and a pair of goggles from your very own tandem pilot. Then he will brief the jump and answerall of your questions.


Rising tension

Now you are good to go. Together with other skydivers you will walk to the plane an, after boarding, get hooked up to your tandem pilot. The plane ride takes about 15 minutes to 2.500 or 20 minutes to 4.000 meters. Enough time to get excited.


Terminal velocity

At altitude the door of the plane will open. Together with your instructor you will towards the exit and before you know it you are out and falling- the ultimate adrenalin rush! Depending on your exit altitude free fall will take between 25 to 50 seconds. Your tandem pilot is always right behind you and in full control. Just relax and enjoy the ride.


Soaring across the sky

After 25 to 50 seconds free fall your tandem pilot pulls the parachute in approximately 1.500 meters. After deployment you will soar gently towards the ground while admiring the breath taking views over the vast landscape. Time to enjoy!


Happy landings

As practiced before when you are coming in to land you will lift up your legs so your tandem master can do his job and land the parachute safely for the both of you.


Walk on clouds

Welcome back to planet earth. The joy you will feel after landing is beyond words and you won't be able to stop smiling. "What a ride", "Incredible!" and "Let's do that again" are just one of the many things people shout out as soon as their feet are back on solid ground.

What You need to know

  • Body Height: between 140 cm and 195 cm
  • Bodyweight: up to 95 kg wearing shoes and clothing
  • Recommended minimum age: 12 years
  • No medical certificate necessary
  • Parental consent is required for minors
  • No alcohol consumption 12 hours prior to the jump
  • Wear comfortable clothes and dress for the weather that day
  • Wear sneakers or shoes that you know will stay on your feet. Please avoid sandals, boots or shoes with large buckles or hooks.

What our customers have to say about us:

Absolutely stunning and breath taking! I particularly enjoyed the free fall, I would happily fall twice as long. This was ...

Maren (Tandem skydiver)

Exciting and over far too quickly - just wicked. The best part was free fall and when the parachute opened. ...

Grit (Tandem skydiver)

Absolutely awesome and indescribable! The best part was flying through the clouds and steering the parachute all by myself. The ...

Max (Tandem skydiver)

Absolutely stunning! Ecstatic! Gorgeous! Awesome was the moment when we jumped out. Free falling from 4000m together with my tandem ...

Thomas (Tandem skydiver)

Incredible! Unbelievable! Sensational! The best moment was gliding through the air under parachute. I was able to take off my ...

Sarah (Tandem skydiver)

Absolutely wicked! My favorite part was flying under canopy and steering it myself. The view was breathtaking. My next skydive ...

Gabriela (Tandem skydiver)

Amazing and a very good experience! Of all the things during the skydive the moment we went over the edge ...

Rashi Pacheriwala (Tandem skydiver)

It was unbelievably stunning! Everybody has to jump at least once. It felt like time was standing still and it ...

Waltraud (Tandem skydiver)

Amazing, I want to do that again! Even the plane ride up was already exciting and I was getting more ...

Florian (Tandem skydiver)

Doing more than required by law: Our commitment to the environment and social issues

Images of our tandem skydives

Spectators welcome

Happiness is only real when shared! Bring your friends, family and colleagues along for support. Non-jumpers are welcome just as much. Spectators can sit back and watch you land from the terrace of our bistro "Airbase" while enjoying a drink and a warm meal or some snacks.


Comfort zone

Here at TAKE OFF we are constantly striving to create a feel-good ambience for our tandem jumpers, sports jumpers and guests. We want everybody to feel at home and have a good time. Many guests compliment us on our excellent infrastructure.


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Your tandem Skydive at TAKE OFF

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