Skydiving - Overview

Skydiving courses in English for our international guests take place on selected dates. If you would like to book a course in English, please contact us by phone +49 33932 72238 or email.

Welcome to the world of skydiving

You are completely new to the sport and want to learn skydiving? You can already skydive and have a skydiving licence?

Whether you are a beginner, a committed recreational jumper or an ambitious athlete - TAKE OFF is the right place for you. You can learn skydiving with us or improve your skills as a sport jumper. Even if you would like to become a skydiving instructor yourself and teach others how to fly, you are in good hands with us.

Jump & Training Requirements

  • registration required
  • body height between 140-195 cm
  • body weight between 40-95 kg
  • proof of fitness for jumping by a sports doctor
  • at the time physically healthy and without movement restrictions
  • minimum age 14 years / under 18 years only with the consent of the legal guardian
  • clothing: seasonally appropriate leisure or sports clothing, sports shoes without lace hooks
  • further see terms of condition at

Our offer for skydivers

Learn to skydive

Would you like to learn how to skydive? Then this is the right place for you. Here we teach you all the important skills.


Here you will find all the important dates for our various training and further education courses at a glance.

Further education

You already have your jumping licence in your pocket? We offer you lots of further training opportunities.

Maintenance & Repair

TAKE OFF runs its own rigging workshop. What exactly is behind it and how we maintain and repair our parachutes, you can find out on the following page.


You will find the prices for parachute courses for beginners & re-beginners as well as for single jumps here.

Shop for parachute needs

In our TAKE OFF Online Shop you can buy high quality skydiving equipment for your next professional jump.

Courses for beginners

For the absolute skydive beginner we have the right course offer. We offer taster courses, but also complete skydiving courses until you have your skydiving licence in your hands. Our instructors teach the AFF (Accelerated Freefall) course system as well as the conventional method. Learn more about the differences and advantages of both.

So don't be shy! If you have any questions or are interested in individual offers, please feel free to contact us directly. Of course, our head office in Fehrbellin - the Manifesto - is also available for further information by phone, contact form or directly on site.

You can find all the costs for a parachute course on the prices page.

Courses for advanced learners

Skydivers who already have a skydiving licence will find contacts here for various disciplines of skydiving. They are your direct line to try out, join in and learn something new. They jump full-time or in their spare time, are very experienced and many of you already know them. And they are not alone - in almost all the disciplines offered, they are supported by other qualified jumpers if required.

We also inform you about prices and dates for trainings and seminars here. Since the range for special coaching sessions, such as a wingsuit jump to get to know each other or a one-week team training, ranges from 0,- € to several 100,- €, we ask you to discuss your ideas and wishes directly with the respective coach.

One more hint: if you plan too last minute, some activities may already be full. It is certainly a good idea to plan ahead and register in good time.

Well then ... Blue Skies!

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Call us on +49 33932-72238 or write to us!

The different disciplines of skydiving

Skydiving encompasses various fascinating disciplines. These go one step further and turn freefall into a sporting event. The spectrum ranges from formation jumping to wingsuit flying. The air flow is used to perform various movements such as somersaults, turns and formation figures in free fall. TAKE OFF offers various disciplines that you can learn in different seminars and training courses and then practice together with us.

Formation skydiving

Formation skydiving is the most popular form of skydiving. Several jumpers leave the aircraft one after the other and form a formation or several different formations during the free fall.


Freeflying, one of the newer disciplines in skydiving, is characterised by the fact that the jumpers take on every conceivable position in freefall and experience it, for example, overhead, standing up or sitting down.

Canopy piloting

In the discipline also known as "swooping", a small high-performance parachute is accelerated by a rotation. The speed picked up finally results in a long glide.

Wingsuit flying

Wingsuit Flying lets you fly like a bird. This is made possible by the large wings (areas of fabric between arms and legs) of the jumpsuit, which reduce the speed in free fall and thus extend the free fall time.

Our instructors

Jürgen „Mahle“ Mühling (AFF Instructor & Tandempilot)

Mahle has completed over 11,800 jumps. Skydiving and passing on his skills as an AFF instructor are his passion!

Uwe Reichert (AFF Instructor & Managing Director of rainbow design)

Uwe has already completed over 9,000 jumps. Hardly anyone knows so much about parachute technology & clothing.

Olaf „Flirre“ Haubenreißer (AFF-Instructor & Parachute technician)

Flirre is an instructor with passion. He has made over 7,500 parachute jumps and also loves paragliding.

Lutz „Luschi“ Birnbach (AFF-Instructor & Tandempilot)

Lutz aka Luschi is an AFF instructor with over 6,000 jumps under his belt. Our tandem guests also trust him completely.

Kai Bunkus (AFF-Instructor & Tandempilot)

His students listen to him enthusiastically when Kai explains the world of skydiving. So far he has mastered over 1,200 jumps.

John „Johnboy“ Georgi (AFF-Instructor & Tandempilot)

Our Johnboy is particularly enthusiastic about canopy piloting and freeflying. He passes on his skills to his students in AFF courses.

Stefan Gilbert (Wingsuit-Instructor)

Stefan has completed over 4,000 jumps, 1,100 of them with a wingsuit. Flying with a wingsuit is one of his greatest passions!

The whole world of skydiving at TAKE OFF in Fehrbellin


Das Fallschirmsportcenter von TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport befindet sich auf dem Flugplatz in Fehrbellin im schönen Ruppiner Land. Das Center ist sehr günstig gelegen, nur 30 Minuten von Berlin entfernt und einfach per Auto oder Bahn zu erreichen. Am Standort selbst befindet sich alles direkt vor Ort: Landebahn & Landewiese, Tower, Hangar, das TAKE OFF Manifest, die hauseigene Werkstatt & Näherei, sanitäre Einrichtungen sowie das airbase Bistro.


Over 25 years of experience

TAKE OFF was founded in 1992 and is a professional skydiving school based in the Berlin area. Meanwhile, the fifth largest skydiving company employs professionally trained tandem pilots, skydiving instructors and technicians. In addition to tandem jumps, the company offers parachute courses, a variety of further training courses and competitions, as well as its own maintenance and repair of parachutes and equipment.

Experience sport together

Competition & further education

TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport is a provider of a wide range of further training opportunities in professional skydiving. Whether you are a beginner or a professional skydiver, there is something for everyone. Our spectrum ranges from canopy seminars to canopy safety courses and DESI courses. TAKE OFF is also a regular venue for various competitions. For 2017, for example, we have already planned to host the NordCup 4er RW and the 16er Dadalus.


Impressions from skydiving

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