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For some, it is the fulfillment of an old dream, for others simply fun together with friends. On the airfield in Fehrbellin – about 30 minutes from Berlin – you can find one of the largest skydiving sports centers in Germany. At TAKE OFF, the sport of skydiving has been around for 25 years. With tandem jump supervision, even beginners can simply and safely experience a skydive from 4,000 meters. A specialized parachute system and our tandem pilots make it possible.


Enjoy unlimited freedom and escape everyday life at a height of 4,000 meters. Of course, you can also bring your friends with you – while you’re at it, ask them to jump with you, so you share in an experience you’ll be talking about for a long time to come! Friends and family are, of course, also welcome as guests to come along and wish you luck from the ground. In our bistro with outside terrace you can watch the hustle and bustle on the drop zone. Delicious food and drinks are also available.

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You can reach us under +49(0)33932 – 72238. Give us a call or write us a message!

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An overview of all prices for tandem-jumping

The way to us

The way to us

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Our tandem jump package:

  • Jump from in 4,000 meters
  • 50 seconds freefall
  • Approx. 5 minutes’ flight time with an open parachute
  • Tandem jump with professional tandem pilots
  • In depth orientation
  • Equipment is provided
  • Certificate for your skydive
  • Book video and photos as an additional option

Your tandem jump from TAKE OFF near Berlin

Spectators welcome


Everything is more fun in good company! You can of course bring friends, family, colleagues and children to support you. Non-skydivers are also very welcome. Spectators can watch the drop zone in the comfort of our bistro “airbase”, with some food and a tasty beverage.

Book video and photos recording in addition


We strongly recommend the booking the additional option of video and photo recordings with your tandem jump. Why not watch your experience at home again and again on DVD?

Gift someone a skydiving voucher


Of course, you can also give a special person joy with the gift of a skydiving voucher. With a tandem jump voucher, the recipient can then make an appointment and come to us at any time. The voucher is valid for three years.


When purchasing the voucher online, you can choose whether you want to print the voucher right at home (no extra cost), or if you want us to send you an attractive, colored print voucher (€ 5 extra cost).

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Impressions of our tandem jump program

Your tandem jump goes like this

You will need approx. 3 hours on location


Orientation, flight and jump take a total of about 1 hour. Please plan to be on site for 3 hours, as the jump procedures can sometimes experience delays.


Call us once more before you arrive


On the day of the jump, we ask you to call approximately two hours before your appointment and check with us if the weather conditions allow for you to skydive.


Orientation from your tandem pilot


After getting the paperwork out of the way, you will receive your equipment, including: skydiving jumpsuit, a cap and an jump googles mask from your personal tandem pilot. He will then you in detail what you should bear in mind during the jump.


Take off


Then things are get rolling. Together with other skydivers, you approach the plane. After the boarding, you are “attached” to your tandem pilot. The plane takes about 20 minutes to reach the jumping height of 4,000 meters. In just a second, it’s about to get pretty exciting.




The airplane door opens and you and your tandem pilot shuffle towards the hatch on your behinds – before you know it, you’ve made the jump! The adrenalin rush kicks in! You free fall for about 50 seconds. Your tandem pilot is right behind you of course, taking care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy!

After about 50 seconds – or some 1,500m (just under a mile) – the chute opens. From here you leisurely float to the ground with a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape.


The landing


The landing is typically very easy-going. It’s important that you lift your feet and let the tandem pilot do their work. Do this and everything will go just fine.

Jump requirements

For the jump day, we recommend comfortable leisure clothing and a good breakfast. Please abstain from alcohol 12 hours before the jump. Unfortunately, we cannot let intoxicated guests jump.

But the best thing about tandem jumping is that almost everyone can do it – a medical certificate is not required. If you have any concerns, just contact us or ask your doctor.



At a glance:

  • Height: 1,40 m, – 1,95 m (4‘6‘‘– 6’4’’)
  • Weight: max 95 kg (209 lbs) incl. personal clothing
  • No medical certificate necessary
  • Recommended min age: 12 years
  • In the case of minors, only with the consent of the parent / legal guardian
  • No alcohol 12 hours before the flight
  • Comfortable clothing (T-Shirt or Sweatshirt, comfy pants)
  • Sneakers make the best choice for shoes: the main thing is no eyelets or hooks!

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