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A tandem jump will always remain an unforgettable experience that you look back on fondly. To ensure you are free to focus purely on enjoying your experience, we take care of your safety.

In our sport, safety plays a big role – all the more when it comes to skydiving with guests (tandem jumps) or for training programs. 42,000 guests have fulfilled their dream of flying with us since 1992, taking home with them an experience of a lifetime. As such, TAKE OFF is one of the most experienced organizers of tandem jumps in Germany. More than a few of our guests have become skydivers themselves – and one or other of them have even become an experienced tandem pilot at TAKE OFF skydiving sports.

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25 years of skydiving sport experience

TAKE OFF is a certified skydiving enterprise (FTB)


As we are a certified skydiving enterprise (FTB), with full-time skydiving technicians, all of our systems are under constant monitoring, and thus in the best possible condition. Our skydiving technicians are certified by the German Skydiving Association (DFV) as well as by the Association of Independent Air-Sports-Equipment Auditors (a registered association). Further training seminars have to be renewed every three years.
For our tandem system, we exclusively use Sigma by United Parachute Technologies. It may be the most expensive, but it’s also the most modern, the best manufactured and safest tandem system in the world.


Skydiving systems with CYPRES security system


For tandem jumps in the sports sector and for skydiving-training, only skydiving systems with gliding parachutes and the CYPRES electronic opening device are used. If necessary, this system opens tandem system reserve chutes automatically at 225m or 580m from ground level. Contrary to older safety systems, CYPRES works using the most up to date computer technology, and thus with great precision. All of our training and tandem systems have been fitted with this technology ever since 1992.


TAKE OFF sets standards for skydiving sport training


Co-owner, business leader and training officer Jürgen Mühling is the director in charge of the supervisory expert commission and working group for training (ÜFAK). Under his lead, the German training guidelines were completely revised, and a new training manual was issued.

A DFV member – the German Association for Skydiving sport


The DFV is the only professional association for skydivers in Germany. The association helps ensure the safe and professional practice of skydiving sport even into the future. Among other things, its tasks include the issuing of licenses, the approval of off-field landings, as well as assistance in questions of air traffic law. The DFV is the representative of the German Federal Ministry for Transport, the local contact for the skydiving parachutes sector, a member of the German Aeroclub, and is in the German Sports Association and the Féderation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).



A member in Auditor Association – the Association of Independent Air-Sports-Equipment Auditors (“Verband unabhängiger Prüfer von Luftsportgerät e.V.”)


The auditor association concerns not just all Skydiving auditors, but also technicians based in Germany; and was founded with the goal of securing and further enhancing technical standards. In addition, the association takes cares of providing uniform training guidelines for skydiving technicians, as well as technically comprehensive training programs. With this, safety in skydiving sports is guaranteed.



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Our modern and reliable airplane – FUMP

This is where our very own plane: the 18-seater Cessna Grand Caravan comes into play. This model is the most used airplane of its kind worldwide for skydiving – a modern and reliable work horse. In 2012 we converted our plane, which we still affectionately call “FUMP”, with a newer and very efficient engine (900 HP instead of 675 HP). Our Supervan 900 gets us quickly and quietly to a jumping height of 4,000m in 15 – 20 min.


Regular maintenance


Our airplane FUMP is regularly serviced. The carrying out of all maintenance work is documented accordingly in logs. The Cessna must be submitted to an annual inspection (regardless of how often she has flown), and additionally every 100 hours of airtime. Our airplane is therefore out of commission four times a season for a 2 to 3-day inspection, so that required maintenance work may be carried out.

Our tandem pilots

Our safety standards also include your tandem pilot. They have to fulfil very particular conditions: by verifying at least 500 jumps and a valid skydiving license, and after having completed intensive training – where no blind eye is turned – in order to become a tandem pilot.


TAKE OFF only works with hand-picked tandem pilots, who have an average experience of several thousand jumps. We have trained many of them ourselves. Apart from your safety, they are, of course, looking out for their own. For this reason, we always use up to date, well-maintained and regularly tested equipment that meets the highest standards in quality, and fully complies with the statutory guidelines.

Safety in Skydiving sport training

The TAKE OFF training equipment consists of jump dummies, instruction videos, vertical and horizontal flight attitude and safety trainers as well as radio receivers to assist landing instruction. The radio link helps the trainer to provide any necessary navigational assistance from the ground.

As the director in charge of the supervisory expert commission and working group for training (ÜFAK), TAKE OFF CEO Jürgen Mühling is primarily involved in ensuring skydiving sport training standards. To make the sport even safer, under his leadership, the German training guidelines were completely revised and a new training manual was issued.

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