The world of skydiving – only 30 min from Berlin


It’s gotta be the combination of good atmosphere and the highest standards. As one of the largest skydiving sports centers in Germany, we offer beginners and pros alike a comprehensive range of offers. The personal and easy-going atmosphere on our grounds means that everyone feels at ease.

The TAKE OFF jump area is only around 30 minutes from Berlin and offers tandem skydivers, our guests and licensed skydivers everything they need for this fantastic sport.

Our address


TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH
Flugplatzstr. 3
16833 Fehrbellin

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The TAKE OFF Homebase: Ruppiner Land airfield in Fehrbellin

We are located in the Ruppiner Land airfield, a modern sporting airfield, complete with a landing strip, a tower and an aircraft hangar. Not some big anonymous airfield, but rather a meeting point for airport enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for getting into direct contact with air sports, you’re at the right place. Weather conditions permitting, our sports and ultra-light aircraft, as well as our sky divers are there to bring the hustle in the sky.

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Everything on hand: airplane, workshop, sewing workshop and bistro

After approval of the development plan in 2005/06, TAKE OFF Skydiving Sport set up its completely new business premises. Our guest and skydivers have approx. 10,000m2 to explore.


  • A building with a lounge, WIFI and offices
  • Workshops and a sewing workshop for our skydiving clothing
  • Spacious sanitary facilities
  • Our “airbase” bistro with its tasty burgers and refreshing beverages


Our own airplane – FUMP – is house in a large hangar. There’s also plenty of space here for the packing of chutes. Our guests can also use our campsite.

We are now happy to offer tasty snacks, with everything from burgers to home fries, in our “airbase” bistro.


Depending on the weather, skydiving is possible from March to November. Since the weather is key for our sport, please call the day before your jump to make sure it can still go ahead.


Jump days are Tuesday to Sunday.

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The manifest – TAKE OFF head office and registration

We are often asked why our head office is called “the manifest”.

The manifest – like almost everything else in skydiving sports, this too comes from the United States. Skydivers register for the next available space in the aircraft.

It is taken from the English, also meaning cargo or loading list – the planning of which is the goal of a manifest (i.e. which jump plan is part of the respective flight load)

On-site and nearby accommodation

Resort Mark Brandenburg – comfortable hotel directly on the Neuruppiner lake with a thermal bath

An der Seepromenade 20, 16816 Neuruppin


Hotel & Restaurant Seeschlößchen – Hotel by lake Ruppiner

Am Bollwerk, 16816 Wustrau


Winterquartier Dechtow – Stylish double room, holiday home and apartments

Dorfstrasse 29, 16833 Dechtow


Truck Center – Modest accommodation in single or multi-bed rooms

An der Plantage 2, 16833 Fehrbellin


Our own camping site – stay the night free of charge

You are very welcome to stay the night directly on our own camping site, either with tent, caravan or recreational vehicle!

  • Standard fees for long-term campers
  • Shower tokens € 1
  • Electricity costs based on the meter

Any questions? Send us a message!