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Do you have questions about tandem-jumping? You’re in the right place. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you.



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FAQs on Tandem-jumping

What is a tandem jump?

A tandem-jump is a skydive together with an experienced skydiver. So even as a beginner with no prior knowledge or experience of skydiving, you can have the enjoyment of free-falling from 4000m.

When tandem-jumping you are “in front”, buckled by a harness system to your tandem pilot. The tandem pilot takes care of everything regarding the skydiving, the opening of the chute and the safe landing.

What does a tandem jump cost?

You can find the current prices on our pricelist. Groups of 4 or more people receive a discount.

Do I need an appointment?

Even if it sometimes works out at short notice – we kindly ask you, in principle, to always register beforehand!

We jump from April to October / Tuesday to Sunday and on all public holidays in this time. As a rule, during the week we accept guests every 1.5 – 2 hours starting from 10.00. On the weekend, starting from 09.00 we can accept up to 8 guests per hour.

For weekend appointments we recommend to call us approx. 1-2 weeks before the desired appointment. For spur-of-the-moment types, it’s still usually worth calling: from time to time guests cancel at the last minute or slots stay vacant. Usually spaces can still be had at short notice during the week.

Do I have to go to the doctor beforehand?

No, basically almost anyone can perform/undertake a tandem jump; a medical certificate is only necessary for participants of a skydiving course. Health conditions that may preclude you from tandem-jumping are back and circulation problems or issues with pressure equalization. If you’re hesitant, speak first with your doctor. In the case of pregnancy, we strongly advise against skydiving.

Are there age restrictions?

Legally there are no age restrictions. The skydiving association recommends not taking guests younger than 7 years old along.

TAKE OFF operators have been falling from the sky for over 20 years – we’ve been there since tandem-jumping was a thing. Based on our experience with very young guests, we recommend tandem-jumps for kids no younger than 12 – so from an age where you are able to process and handle the experience. The parents or legal guardians of minors must be present.

And the upper age limit? We have tandem-guests, who are 70 years old and even much older – as long as you feel fit enough and can “get your legs up” at the landing, you are very welcome here.

I wear glasses / contact lenses. Can I still jump?

Both are not a problem. Additional jumping goggles are always worn, which are big enough to fit comfortably over any glasses.

What should I wear? What is the temperature like up there?

Sports shoes and clothes in which you can move with comfort and ease are good. Please no jump boots or shoes with hooks instead of eyelets for laces.

Basically the temperature at 4000m is approx. 20°C lower than on the ground. Depending on the temperature at ground level, shorts or trousers or likewise a t-shirt or a sweatshirt are appropriate (please no bulky “Norwegian cardigans” or the like). You’ll be getting some additional clothing items from us: a jumpsuit, a leather cap, jumping-goggles and gloves in case of very cold weather conditions.

Actually the temperature isn’t an issue at all: aside from the big dose of adrenalin now in your system, the aircraft is sealed and heated up until the jump –  in any case, after the jump you’ll definitely be so preoccupied with other things to take much notice of the temperature – guaranteed!

May I sample some “Dutch courage” beforehand?

Bad idea! Please don’t drink any alcohol up to 12 hours before the jump. For security reasons, we are unable to permit drunk or otherwise intoxicated persons from skydiving.

Can I breathe while in freefall?

Freefall speed is roughly 112 mph – or the speed of a fast motorbike. Even if the airflow initially takes you aback a little, it may be breathed perfectly normally – through the nose is best, but it doesn’t really matter.

When can you jump?

Tandem-jumping always takes place from Tuesdays to Sunday. For weather reasons, there is no skydiving during winter. Diving season is typically from April to October.

How long does the skydiving appointment last in total?

The agreed jump appointment is the time you have to be on location. From then, expect it to take around 3 hours until you’re on your way back home with a big grin and that tingling feeling maybe still in your fingers.

The time needed for orientation, upward flight time, freefall and chute time takes approx. 1 hour. That said, weather conditions or issues resulting from concurrent or delayed skydiving activities may lead to longer time durations.

Can I get video and photos of my jump?

Yes. Your tandem-jump can be filmed and photographed. This may be booked as an additional option.

Can I film my jump with my own GoPro camera?

No. For safety reasons this is not possible. The Skydiving Association has clear rules on this and offers training sessions that qualify you to take a camera with you when skydiving. You can, however, book video and photo recordings from our trained video personnel as an additional option.

Can I bring an audience with me?

Of course – we welcome guest attendance! The terrace of our bistro “airbase” offers a good view of the landing area, as well as tasty food and drink.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

By bad weather, we mean a thick and dark cloud layer, thunderclouds in the area or winds with a strength of 5-6. Clear blue skies are not strictly necessary, though – the opposite is true in fact, as at 4000m you’re usually above the clouds, and the view from up there is simply fantastic!

We kindly ask all guests to make sure they call us up to approx. 2 hours before the jump appointment or, likewise, for further arrivals before departure. This call is our confirmation that you wish to keep the appointment and that we shouldn’t assign it to someone else. We will do our upmost to provide you the best estimation of the feasibility of the jump.

Should weather conditions clearly not allow for a jump, it will be instantly postponed, by telephone, to the next available time slot. Despite all of our efforts to give the best information possible, it can still happen that your coming here is for nothing. We live to get our customers up in the air; not to leave them standing on the ground. So if, in a pinch, we cancel a jump at short notice, it’s because the weather and safety considerations compelled us to do so.

Can I cancel or postpone my tandem jump?

Please tell us at least a day in advance so that we may postpone your appointment to a new date without creating problems or extra fees.

If you would like to cancel your tandem jump, € 25 will be withheld as a cancellation fee. You will be reimbursed for the rest of your money.

Are food and drink provided on site?

For food and drink, you’re in good hands! In our airfield-bistro “Airbase”, we offer a selection of drinks and tasty meals like Hamburgers or home fries. Our guests may also enjoy a coffee or some homemade cake.

I’m unsure whether the experience might be asking too much from the gift-recipient. What should I do?

If you’re hesitant, simply order the prepayment option. You can still, after presenting the gift or redeeming the voucher, pay the rest of the amount here on site.

Is tandem-jumping dangerous?

Even if the press likes to be sensational in its reporting, skydiving is simply a sport. Insurance statistics rank us alongside sports such as climbing, for example. With tandem-jumps, injuries are particularly rare. The guest is usually involved with the landing only to the extent that they have to bend their knees or lift their feet. The landing itself is a matter for the tandem pilots. Depending on the wind and the weight ratios, you can either land in a standing or sitting position.

We are one of the largest providers of tandem-jumping in Germany and have the experience of 25 years of sport skydiving under our belt. The tandem pilots we employ are predominantly jumpers by profession – most of whom we have trained ourselves, so that we know in whose hands we are putting our guests. A number of over 42,000 delighted tandem guests probably speaks for itself, don’t you think?

What happens when the parachute doesn’t open?

Every skydiving system comprises two parachutes – the so-called main chute and the reserve chute. Should the main chute not open correctly, it is severed and the reserve chute is pulled. The reserve is exactly as big as the main chute and guarantees a perfectly normal and safe landing.

Am I insured?

Where necessary, treatment costs are paid by the respective health insurance provider without exception – there is no exclusion for sports injuries (which with 500,000 injuries in football – the No. 1 in insurance statistics – would also be a bit of a societal problem).

In addition, the following insurances are in place for tandem jumps:

  1. Liability insurance with a limit of EUR 1,500,000
  2. Passenger liability insurance with a limit of EUR 600,000